Who we are

Being in a space Facilitated by Sis’ Vuyo is like being in a creative holding where you are shaken in ways that invite all of yourself to bear witness to what is happening. It is a place where everything you hold dear is awakened and you are dared to be courageous enough to show up in your soul essence. In this place all neglected parts of yourself show up to be integrated once more and your participation demands that you stay true to all that is calling you and all that you long to be. Whether in her diversity work or in the work she does in transformative leadership this remains the same. The space that is created will challenge you to be more of yourself. Expect to be challenged and held in the most generous ways. Expect a reckoning of spirit and soul. Expect to remember what it feels like to be whole. Expect to never forget that as you journey on…   


 Pan African Market Consulting Services exists as a division of The Pan African Market which is an African social entrepreneurial enterprise comprising various business entities in culture and art trade.

 The management of The Pan African Market business umbrella offers consulting services which are based on sound human development principles, grounded in the lived experience of creating healthy community while working towards a common organisational goal.

 Pan African Market Consulting Services is a singular entity, with no more than three in-house facilitators. We have a wide network of both highly established as well as developing practitioners as associates whom we regularly and appropriately engage in projects that require larger numbers of resources.

 The organization is fully Black-woman owned with Vuyo Koyana as the Chief Executive Officer.



Our methodology is based on the principles of multi-culturalism, Ubuntu and inclusivity.  The basic tenets of our approach to the field of human development are:


  • The human dilemma does not come in colours, races, nationalities or organisational realities, but takes on particular qualities as a result of these characteristics
  • It is undeniable that there are universals within human development which have relevance to all and must be negotiated in the environmental context which defines or distorts the notion of peoplehood
  • All directed energy results in change. We maintain integrity, when we are able to recognize that we cannot escape responsibility for the consequences of change as they are inherent in our choice to change in the first instance.
  • True growth happens when we are able to locate ourselves and then tap into and create healthy interdependencies within our larger ecosystems.(Na’im Akbar, 2006)


Some of our programmes and focus areas


  • Diversity Management
  • Employment Equity
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Growth and Motivation
  • Team Development and Community Building
  • Brand Ambassador Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Life skills Development
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Strategy Development
  • Mediation Services
  • Recruitment and Selection






Facilitator, Consultant, Psychologist/Coach

Vuyo is an experienced facilitator who combines sound articulation and highly intuitive listening to the workshop and individual growth encounter. She has an innate understanding of how individuals can free themselves from their limitations and change, releasing a transformed sense of their environment, their paths and their ability to hold the magic of what happens when we truly begin to live to our full potential with authenticity. She imparts this to all those she comes into contact with, with great charisma, enthusiasm, warmth, simplicity and humanity.


Vuyo’s professional experience is a crossing of various roads in the human development field, including Personal Growth, Leadership Development, Mediation and Conflict-handling. A particular personal passion of hers lies in how we as humans can learn to meaningfully negotiate the tenuous balance between our needs and  growing understanding of ourselves and the groups through which we identify ourselves (when we do) and the needs and growing understanding of  the greater and inordinately complex human race. Her passion for valuing diversity is lived in her management of the Pan African Market which is a space where divergent cultures and fields of creative expertise come together.  She has also been extensively involved in assisting various clients across corporate, public, social and educational settings to work with their often complex diversity issues over the last 28 years. These interventions have often also included or been interspersed with the other vast array of above-mentioned facilitation and transformation consulting skills.

Vuyo specializes in conducting programmes such as Diversity Inclusion, Leadership Development, Personal Mastery:Dealing with Self During Transformation,Team  Effectiveness and Brand Ambassadorship Development.

 Her personal expertise includes Recruitment and Selection which is an area in which her professional consulting career began and has also grown in over the last 28 years.


Facilitator, Consultant, Strategist


Tseliso Letlaka is a developmental economist who has worked for various parastatals and non-governmental organisations in the Eastern Cape over a period of 10 years.  In the capacity of project manager he has designed, drafted and implemented several rural development programmes in the Transkei region.


He has also served as a public relations officer for the professional soccer club Bush Bucks. While employed as economist for the Development and Cabinet Secretariat, in Umtata, he was involved in drawing up budgets for the territorial departments, soliciting funds from the DBSA as well as political issues for the military council, his academic background comprises of a B.A degree in economics and political science and an Honours degree in International Relations.


His key competences include Diversity Management, Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence, Women’s’ Empowerment & Leadership, Project Management, Co-ordination, Planning and Interaction with role-players at decision-making level. Interpersonal engagement with funders, professionals, technical experts and project beneficiaries. Proficiency in Communication, Liaison and Networking as well as verbal, written and negotiating skills. An effective team player in a multi-disciplinary environment.




Facilitator, Economist, Strategist



Warara is a Development Economist by training with an Honours Degree in Economics from the University of the Western Cape and studying towards a Masters Degree in Development Economics with the University of the Free State where she will be covering “Development & Environment” as one of the areas to be studied.

She started working in 1991 and has been consulting for the past 14 years.

 Her consulting work covered the following areas;

  • Developing and implementing a communications campaign for the preservation of the Khayelitsha wetlands in Cape Town,
  • Developing an integrated waste management plan for Ingwe municipality at KwaZulu/Natal,
  • Conducting a stakeholder perception survey for the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Environment,
  • Developing scenarios for Human Settlements 2055 which included eco-villages,
  • Facilitating carbon emission reduction workshops for the Department of Minerals & Energy, and
  • Developing a communication strategy for Sedibeng Water to deal with the bad publicity on water spillages.

She was a finalist in the 2007 FNB/Enablis Business Plan competition and her Business Plan was on the International Carbon Credits Market. She attended the 5 days Waste Management conference hosted by the Integrated Waste Management Association of Southern Africa and gained a lot of insight on the preservation of the environment.

She maintains a keen interest on environmental issues as an aspect of ubuntu and the synergies across all living systems.



European Union Parliamentary Support Programme: (1 year)

Human Resource Development Strategy for National Parliament and the provincial legislatures, including identifying training and development service providers, facilitating workshops and presenting at national conferences

Western Cape Education Department: (18 months)

Mediations and disciplinary hearings (randomly called on)

Swartklip Products:

                                    Diversity Management Workshops (4 months)

The Pan African Market:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Contract Development , Job Profiling and Human Resources Administration
  • Employee and trader assistance programme with emphasis on labour relations issues (18 years; ongoing)



Goree Institute (Senegal): (1 week)

                               Social Advocacy Training : Developing the  

                               curriculum for a manual to be used in Senegal

Cape Town City Council: (1day)

                              Social Dialogue across a cross section of public 


Western Cape Treasury Department: (1yr)

                                    Coaching and Leadership Development  


Eskom: (2day workshops over 1yr)

                                   Dealing with Self During Transformation                    

BP SA (PTY) LTD: (1 week)

                                    Facilitation Skills Training

Psychologies Magazine (2days):

                                   Change Management Public Workshops

South African Women In Dialogue: ( 2 days)

                               Conference facilitation- an exchange between South                             

                               African Women and Burundian Women on Optimising 

                               the involvement of Women in Governance Structures 

                               as Burundi Approaches Elections

Swaziland Parliament: (5 days)

Human Rights and Conflict Management Training for Senators

Office of The Public Protector: (2 modules of 3 days each)

Human Rights and Conflict Management Training     for Investigators                  

National Gender Machinery: (one week)

Refining a Strategy for the cohesive collaboration of the various elements of the NGM as part of the national gender mainstreaming policy framework

Coca Cola (Pty) (Ltd) Marketing Department:  (2days over 3yrs)

                                        Diversity Management workshops, levels 1, 2 & 3.

South African Ubuntu Foundation: (3 days annually around Madiba Day)

                                       Ubuntu Workshops in honour of   

                                       Nelson Mandela’s Birthday

Nedbank Ltd: (2,5 day workshop over 1 yr period)

SeniorLeadership/ Team Development/Personal Mastery   Workshops

Avis : (2day workshop over 1,5 yrs, ongoing)

        Brand Ambassadorship and Personal Mastery Workshops

Bearingman Group : (2day workshop  ongoing)

        Brand Ambassadorship and Personal Mastery Workshops